We’re Barbara & Megan! We are sisters who love to cook and eat together so we started These Old Cookbooks in 2016.

We’re excited to sort through old family recipes and vintage cookbooks and share our favorites. We also include some recipes we’ve created and that our family love just as much as we do.

Barbara and Megan of These Old Cookbooks stand in a kitchen.
Photo by CMS Photography

We grew up on our family’s farm just down the road from both sets of our grandparents. Our grandmas were such good, old-fashioned cooks! We still dream about our Granny H’s beef and noodles and potato soup AND our Grandma K’s homemade catsup (ketchup) and oyster stew.

Barbara is the master of our family’s kitchen. She learned from the best – our grandmothers and our mother – who shared their love of cooking and their recipes when we were younger. Then she earned a degree in food science at Purdue University – so she loves to try new techniques in the kitchen and she’s the enforcer of food safety rules. Today, she lives on our family’s farm with her husband and 3 children.

Megan loves to be the taste taster of Barbara’s recipes and dig into the history of some of our family’s favorite dishes – like WHY do we call our favorite holiday cookies “dainty logs.” She is excited to share both right here. She and her husband love to cook together.